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Notes: April 16 [Apr. 15th, 2007|05:03 pm]

He simply stared in wonder awe at the vision of beauty before him. She was a shining example of everything a woman's body should be. Tall but not too tall, slender but not skinny, breasts that had just the right curve and eyes that seemed to sparkle with a life of their own. Hideki sank to his knees in front of her, to worshop the perfect vision/visage of femeninity before him. Those glorious thighs parted and she threw one leg over his shoulder, granting him permissoin to pay hommage to the glories of her womanhood.

note: need synonym for 'glory'

                                                                        <<random swirly leaf pattern devides the page>>

<<a sketch of a handsome young man in a chunin vest and some serious tenting action in his pants>>

Takahashi Hideki

Hair: Black/parted on the right
Eyes: Grey (wears glasses/contacts)
Height: 1.72m
Length: 17.9cm  <<take a wild guess what length he's talking about>>
Rank: chunin
Age: 17

Born with a rare blood line limit that enables him to control his penis  manipulate the bloodflow in his body. This allows him to stop wounds from bleeding and more to the point of the story gives him direct controle over his erections. <<this is most definately not a real kekki genkai. It's purely a contrivance of a perverse imagination>>  As soon as he discovers this he instantly becomes popular with the ladies, because he can easily give them orgasm after orgasm even after he's already gotten off himself.
At first
^Hideki is a complete and total nerd with absolutely no who couldn't get a date if he were the last man alive. Then he meets a mysterious man who shares his special ability. (The man turns out to be his disowned uncle.) The man teaches him the "Multiple Times Technique" among other things, such as how to talk and act around women.

note: come up with better name for the technique

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Journal: April 13 [Apr. 13th, 2007|08:29 pm]
Long day. Barely got any writing in though. Just a couple more paragraphs on that character Hideki. I'm starting to like that character. He's got potential. Kind of reminds me of myself when I was that age.  

As it turns out, that Keiko chick gave me a wrong number. Dissapointing. She was hot too. I ended up having a one sided conversation with some random guy (he did all the talking) about the politics of Water Country. I hung up when he started ranting about the new idea for a tax on chopsticks.

Got some fan mail today. Fan mail makes me feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside. I just love it when my readers proclaim their unending love for my series and beg me to write more, faster. Comments like "I look forward to coming home from work and enjoying a couple chapters of Icha Icha every evening." realy keep me going.  I also got a letter from an outraged house wife who blames her husband's 'new-fangled perversity' on my books. That one made me laugh. Who uses the term 'new-fangled' anymore? I'm debating weather or not I should write back and explain to her that my books don't cause 'perversity' they merely encourage it.

Publisher insists that I do half a million readings before the release and another half million after. Does he not understand that I'm a ninja too?  If he keeps demanding all of my time like this I'm simply going to have to take my writing elsewhere.  Although I do kind of owe the guy for giving me the break I needed on my first novel. I'm going to have a talk with him, maybe I can get it into his head that I do more than sit on my butt and write all day.
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Notes: April 12 [Apr. 12th, 2007|06:08 pm]
"Oh...please," she moaned begged, writhing beneath him. Liquid green eyes filled with lust gazed up at him. Hideki moaned as he gave in to temptation and dipped his head to steal her lips in a soul-searing kiss that left her breathless. Busom heaving she pleaded for more.
                                                                                                                                                         pushing them up and down and together,
"Hideki...onegai...touch me." Her hands came up to her ample breasts and she started kneading them, ^making little noises of pleasure as she did so. The young man nearly lost all self control at the sight and tore at her bra, snapping the clips off and jerking the now shredded garnment away from them. She gasped as her pink nipples were exposed to the cool evening air.

note: research more realistic way to remove a bra quickly

<<a whole paragraph is blacked out almost completely. The words 'grabbed' and 'enticingly' can be discerned if you look real hard>> 

                                                  703-7287 call after 5

<<random scribbles including something that might be the kanji for bed>>

Hideki obliged her and set his fingers to work on bringing the tender little nubs to life.

<<more scribbles and a doodle of an obscene position>>

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The Super Pervert is in the house! [Feb. 16th, 2007|05:21 pm]
((Character Journal for Jiraiya))
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